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Terms of Use of GotoAssignmentHelp.com.au

It is mandatory for every visitor and user of GotoAssignmentHelp.com.au to follow these Terms of Use. This is because these Terms of Use governs every visitorand user’s action on this website equally and right from the beginning.

In the following article presenting the Terms of Use of this website, different parties involved with the website GotoAssignmentHelp.com.au will be identified with different terms. For instance; “we”, “our”, “us”, “GotoAssignmentHelp.com.au” are used to refer the websiteGotoAssignmentHelp.com.au On the other hand terms like, “you”, “your”, “their”, has been used to refer to the customers, visitors and users of this website GotoAssignmentHelp.com.au.


Any content that has been published on this website or under this website’s name GotoAssignmentHelp.com.au is protected under the framework of copyright of GotoAssignmentHelp.com.au. However, print of the content from this website can be used by you for non-commercial purpose.

Permission is completely forbidden and prohibited for utilising content from this website for any kind of purpose that is commercial in nature and/or to edit and alter the content of the website.

Each and every right laid down under the Terms of Use section belongs solely to GotoAssignmentHelp.com.au.


It is mandatory for the user of this website to be not less than 12 years of age. If anyone not eligible for using the website pertaining to the age criteria is allowed to be assisted by a legal guardian to avail our services.

Only the individuals with whom the writer has agreed to partner for the specific services are eligible to be served. It must be noted that no customer is allowed to transfer his/her service benefit to any other person unless agreed otherwise.

Permission from us regarding using the content for non-commercial purpose is restricted by us. Monetising the content can be made after editing the content, distributing the content, reproducing the content, performing and downloading it only with written consent.

After you register with our website it is granted that you accept and give consent that you will never at any point reproduce any information that has been provided to you by our Mentors as an original work for achieving course credit or any sort of grade. You accept that the content produced by our mentors to you will only be used with the single purpose of study.

It is to be noted that any sort of term violation committed by you or on your behalf will lead to the termination of license sanctioned to you by us.


We are always aiming to provide the best services,however, at any point if you face any kind of delay or interruption while accessing the website GotoAssignmentHelp.com.au then we are clearly not liable or responsible for such situations.

At no point are we responsible or liable for any kinds of damage to the PC you are using or damage to network or server, and for data loss.

We are committed to our services and always use software which is tested and trusted to provide smooth operation However, at no point we guarantee 100% technical glitch free website access.

If you face problem of website inaccessibility with our website which has occurred due to factors beyond our control. Then we are not responsible for such situations.

If you face problem of website inaccessibility with our website which has occurred due to factors beyond our control. Then we are not responsible for such situations.

It must be noted that for failing to achieve good grades and getting poor grades do not entitle you for a refund from our website. We also do not take any kind of responsibilities for such situations. Every servicewe provide are considered product by us when delivered to the respective student party and the product is considered sold.


For this section, you must refer to a completely separate section called Refund and Revision Policy on the website.


GotoAssignmentHelp.com.au reserves the rights to charge membership or subscription fees


  1. 1. Before placing the order, you must know that our website accepts a project which isof minimum 1000 words or an order of 60 USD minimum.
  2. 2. Multiple offers cannot be merged together.
  3. 3. Technical assignments are not eligible under the offer of BOOK ONE GET ONE or complete 100% discount.
  4. 4. The offer BOOK ONE GET ONE is always applied on services among the two which has a higher pricethan the other.
  5. 5. Under the offer BOOK ONE GET ONE it is necessary to clear 80% of the payment while the first project is downloaded.
  6. 6. Urgent deadline projects are not eligible under any offer.


If at any point a term/any terms cannot be implemented unlike before and become void then the particular term/termsbecome invalid, while other terms continue to be valid and enforceable.


Sole right to modify, change, edit any terms of services or agreements are completely reserved with the website GotoAssignmentHelp.com.au. No notice is sent to the customer before or after the change. The updated terms of services and agreements will immediately become applicable in place of old set of terms.


The right to partially or wholly terminate any agreements are reserved with the website GotoAssignmentHelp.com.au.


While you subscribe to our website’s services or register yourself with our website you are required to give consent for receiving a confirmation email and following promotional emails and update emails.