Refund & Cancellation


We understand the importance of flexible services, flexible refund and revision policies. Our services users can easily review their placed orders with the help of our refund and cancellation policies. The policies have been mentioned below for the convenience of our customer party.

In the event of cancellation

1. Cancellation initiated before the assignment has been assigned to the writer

After gathering confidential data from our students, we store them with 360-degree protection, which consists of procedural safeguard measures, physical protection measures and also electronic safeguards. The information extracted from you is never shared with any unauthorised third-party.

2. Cancellation applied after assignment has been assigned to the writer

In situations when the customer wants to cancel the service order,he/she has placed before and already the management has assigned a writer to do the task, the customer is not eligible for any refund.This is because the production has already begun and the work is in progress and the writer needs to be paid for the work.

Double-Charging Situations

If the customer face situations where he/she has been charged more than once by our financial service partner Pay Pal, or other payment gateways and have received confirmation bills for the same. Then, first of all, we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and we advise the customer to immediately bring such a situation to our notice. Send the bills and proofto us via mails and our management will ensure fair practice and the money will be refunded back to your account in no time.

In case of Scarcity of Writers

In such rarity when we are unable to assign your assignment to any of our writers due to unavailability, we make sure to inform the customer immediately and refund 100% amount back to the customer’s account.

Rework Cases

We ensure bestservices to our customers and this is why we take all measures to provide 100% satisfactory services. Our website follows the policy of 100% satisfactory guarantee religiously and we accept reorders in case you are not satisfied with our writer’s work. However, the reorders are only accepted for projects which have not exceeded 60 days from the date of delivery, i.e. no project will be accepted for reordering which has crossed 60 days from the date it was delivered.

Unsatisfactory results

We always aim to provide the best project work and help our student customers in best possible way but in any case, if you find our work is poor or the assignment delivered to you have been termed as “fail” by your professor. Then we ensure that we will refund 100% of your money and guarantee fair practices. However, such cases are rare and if at anypoint you face such situation then you must report this to our team and attach the proof and the details of the poor result due to the assignment within 31 days from the delivery. If our management finds the claim fair enough then we will not only refund the money but also fire the writer in such case.

In case of vague details

The customer must provide authentic and clear details on the project that he/she is ordering. In case we find ambiguousness in the details and vague details then we instruct the assigned writer to work with best of knowledge and must keep up with the quality and standard so that the grades are not pulled down.