Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of

Our website aims to provide high-rated services to all its customers. This is why when you register with our website to avail our services, we need you to share some of your details with us. However, you have nothing to worry about data loss, third-party intrusion or any kind of data-theft because we protect your information with high-end information protecting tools. This privacy policy of ours has been laid down to transparently discuss with our customers how team utilises the private information received from your end and at thesame time how we protect the information against all threats.

Information Storage and Maintenance

After gathering confidential data from our students, we store them with 360-degree protection, which consists of procedural safeguard measures, physical protection measures and also electronic safeguards. The information extracted from you is never shared with any unauthorised third-party.

Financial Information disclosure

We have partnered with Pay Pal, the globally renowned financial service provider to solely administer the financial arena. This partnership has been undertaken in order to ensure direct communication between Pay Pal and the customer in regard to the financial exchange. Also, Pay Pal is known to maintain the highest level of protection standard and secrecy when it comes to confidential financial information storage and management. This is how your financial data is stored under best care and protected from all/anykind of external threats.

Legal Mandate and Obligations

We as a dutiful service provider are bound by the duties towards national security and this binds us to legal mandates and obligations. We possess all the right to disclose information that we have in order to cooperate with the legal orders imposed by the court of law and administration.

Privacy Policy Modification

At any point or when required have all the rights to change the privacy policies. This is in order to match with both the external and internal business and market environmentrequirements and to abide by the country’s rules and regulations.However, before or after editing and modifying the privacy policy we do not send notices regarding the same to our customers. We request our customers and website visitors to visit the Privacy Policy section of this websiteand to stay updated with the company’s workings.